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Mark Nelson's Weblog
Mark describes his weblog as "really a collection of music links for organists."
The Theatre Organ Home Page maintains a list of The World's Largest Pipe Organs.
Bernard D. Sherman's Web Site
Author of articles and book on classical music and performance (including J.S. Bach!)
Home page of the British and French Organ Music Seminars
Find out about seminars past and future. Browse photos, maps and buy videos.
Central Hudson Valley Chapter, AGO
Check out their brand new website and see what this lively AGO chapter is up to!
The Pipe Organs of Alaska
I love this website! After all the times I've threatened to move to Alaska, it's comforting to know that there are trackers there if I ever get up the nerve.
"Introduction to the Pipe Voices of the Organ"
A simple yet informative presentation by Ryan Hostler explaining how the unique sound of the pipe organ is created.
Free Font Archives
An extensive list compiled by Luc Devroye of websites that offer free fonts.
Bach Society, Houston
The Bach Society of Houston, established in 1982, has just completed a new website. With a professional Bach Choir and orchestra and, since 1995, a Bach organ in the style of Andreas Hildebrandt, this organization has received international praise.
Pipe Organs of the San Francisco Bay Area
A website presenting "photographic and technical information on some of the San Francisco Bay Area's more interesting pipe organs."
Open Directory Project
One of the most comprehensive, searchable directories on the web. Lots of Bach!
International Organ Foundation
A non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the pipe organ in all its forms
My homebrew pipe organ
The story of Matthias Wandel's home-made pipe organ
Jonathan Dimmock, Musician working for world peace
Organist, conductor, and Bach scholar. CDs for sale.
Free Sheet Music Ring
A ring of sites offering free sheet music to the Internet community
Classic Organ Works
Supplier to Organbuilders Worldwide
Solid State Logic Organ Systems
Designs and manufactures custom switching systems for the Pipe Organ
The Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America
Free Blank Music Paper