John Brombaugh

Master organ-builder John Brombaugh received his degrees in Electrical Engineering from theUniversity of Cincinnati and Cornell University. He pursued an apprenticeship with America's leading organ builders, Fritz Noack and Charles Fisk, and continued as a journeyman under Rudolph von Beckerath in Hamburg. During many visits to Europe, he studied more than 100 historic instruments. In 1968, he established the organbuilding firm of John Brombaugh & Associates at Germantown, Ohio, and in 1977, moved to Eugene following the completion of his Opus 19 at Central Lutheran Church. To date, his firm has built 61 organs that are located in 23 states, Canada and Sweden. Opus 35, recently dedicated at First Presbyterian Church (the Lincoln family's church) in Springfield, Illinois, has 3 manuals and pedal with 46 stops, 3,250 pipes. Brombaugh continues his research, teaching and innovation and is a respected influence in the world of organbuilding.