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Orgue Letourneou Opus 81
Orgue Letourneou Opus 82
Episcopal Church of the Ascension
Clearwater, FL

"We are nearing the completion of our new Letourneau Pipe organ here in Clearwater, Florida. A slide show of the organ is on the church web page." (Click here to view Slideshow.)
Blessing February 9, 10:30 am
Inaugural Concert February 16, 4:00 pm
- Beth Hunter, Organist-Choirmaster, Carillonneur
Clearwater, FL

Hillgreen-Lane 1961
Other organs
Gustavus Adolphus College
St. Peter, MN

- David Fienen
Organist/Cantor at Christ Chapel, Professor of Music

St. Peter, MN

Installation Photos from 15 January 2003

C.B. Fisk Organ, Op. 120
La Cathédrale de Lausanne, Switzerland
- Mark Nelson
C.B. Fisk

Klais Organ
Saint Peter's Church
New York, NY

Beckerath Organ
First Congregational Church
Columbus, OH

- G. Dene Barnard, organist
Columbus, Ohio

E.M.Skinner Organ, Op.583
High Street Congregational Church
Auburn, Maine

"The Organ at High Street Congregational Church was built by the E.M.Skinner Organ Company as their Op.583 in 1926 for a church in Malden, Massachusetts. Additional tonal alterations were made in 1972. In 1986 the organ was moved to a private home in Florida. It was moved to Maine to be installed in High Street's new sanctuary, rebuilt after a fire destroyed the original church in 1985. Within a few months of its installation at High Street, two new stops were added: A Nazard and a three rank Octave Chorus, with the work on the organ and its new case completed in 1992 by David Wallace, pipe-organ builder from Gorham, Maine."
- Prof. Chip Ross
High Street Congregational Church
Auburn, Maine

The Great Organ
St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue
New York, NY

"The Great Organ of Saint Thomas Church was built in 1913 by the Ernest M. Skinner Organ Company of Boston and installed when the present building was first used for services that year. It was extensively revised and rebuilt in 1956 by the Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company, also of Boston, under the personal direction of the late G. Donald Harrison. Further revision of the instrument was completed in the late sixties by Gilbert Adams of New York, and in the early eighties by Mann and Trupiano of Brooklyn."
- St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue website

Taylor and Boody Opus 37
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
San Francisco, CA, USA

"A new 24-stop organ is being built for St. Mark's by Taylor and Boody Organbuilders of Virginia. The organ will be the first instrument to be installed in the western United States by this firm, which built the magnificent organ at St. Thomas Church on Fifth Avenue in New York."
- St. Mark's website

Fisk Organ Opus 119
First Presbyterian Church of
Gainesville, Florida

"Fisk has done a superb job of wedding the organ to the room. At least from the balcony, the organ is not too loud. When it needs to fill the room, it does, but not in an excessive way.

"Two other things that I found very pleasing were the flexible, and very gently flexible, wind....The other was the visual appearance of the organ with its fine, proportional relationships and beautifully-crafted case."
- Bruce Cornely
First Baptist Church
Gainesville, FL, USA

Fritsch Memorial Casavant Organ
Siebert Chapel
Carthage College
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Levsen Organ Opus 19
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
North St. Paul, Minnesota
- Robert Murphy
Director of Music
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
North St. Paul, MN, USA

Taylor and Boody - Opus 19
Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral
Indianapolis, Indiana

The T & B at Christ Church Cathedral is very high in the nave, close to the ceiling ... to get to the organ, one must go up to a mezzanine type lower gallery, then through a (locked) door into the bell tower, up a spiral staircase to the loft. Once there, one doesn't have much room. The instrument & acoustics are extremely wonderful, although large feet don't appreciate the flat pedalboard! The Clarine reed is right above the console, and is incredibly loud - my page turner was right under it & I forgot to warn her in advance :o)
- Jim Gladstone

George Jardine & Son organ
St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Parish
Hoboken, New Jersey

"St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Parish, Hoboken, NJ, is fortunate to be celebrating the 125th anniversary of their George Jardine & Son tracker.

It was a real surprise to me when I took the position of Minister of Music to find such an instrument. The parish themselves, I think, did not realize what they had. I find it amazing that the instrument is still there in its almost original condition, although an electric blower was added in 1906 and the pipes were moved up a half-step. (And despite the fact that for a good while, they had a Hammond with huge speakes sharing the balcony!). We're now regulating the trackers to get them more reliable and also moving the pipes down to their original position. The Great is done and sounds as if a veil had been taken off of the instrument.

I've put a photo of the instrument on the church's website and am working on a separate page just for the organ alone - with all sorts of photos - inside and out. (The Swell chamber was papered with newspaper, the New York Evening Post, April 19th, 1876 - so if you want to find out what happened on that date, just let me know.)

We're celebrating the 125th on November 10th with music for organ, brass and orchestra, including Rheinberger's Concerto No. 1."

- Richard Brode
Minister of Music
St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Parish
Hoboken, NJ, USA

The Bach Organ
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Houston, Texas

"From the outset, the design concept of the organ at Christ the King Lutheran Church was simple and uncompromising -- to build an instrument on which to play the works of Johann Sebastian Bach." -from the Christ the King Lutheran Church website
- Dorry Shaddock
Director of Organ Vespers and Bach Society Contact Person
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Houston, TX, USA

Brombaugh Opus 20
St. John's Presbyterian Church
Berkeley, California

"This is the 1979 Brombaugh organ at St John's Presbyterian in Berkeley, CA, where I have been organist/director since 1984. It is a fraternal twin instrument to the one in Tacoma, WA, and an identical twin to the one in Storrs, CT."
- David R. Hunsberger
St. John's Presbyterian Church
Berkeley, CA, USA
More organs by Brombaugh & Associates

Opus 13
Bedford Presbyterian Church
Bedford, New York
Stop List
Pasi Organbuilders, Inc.

2 manuals and pedal, 29 stops. See photographs of the new organ installed in the workshop and in its home in New York. Completed February 2001.

Boston Music Hall Organ
Methuen Memorial Music Hall
Methuen, Massachusetts
Stop List
E. F. Walcher and Company
Opus 200, 1863
Aoelian - Skinner Organ Company, Inc.
Opus 1103, 1947

"Few instruments in the history of American organ building have had as long or as distinguished a career as the Boston Music Hall Organ. The first concert organ in the country, it remains today one of the outstanding organs in America."
- The Methuen Memorial Music Hall website (provides information on the Great Organ, the Music Hall, their Summer Recital Series, restoration projects and more).

Opus 29
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
San Antonio, Texas
Organ Specifications
Visser & Associates Inc.

The St. Luke's Organ The Great Organ at St. Luke's Church is a 4-manual, 71-rank instrument built by Visser-Rowland Associates of Houston, Texas, in 1982. The tonal scheme of the organ is adapted from Dutch organs of the mid-eighteenth century. Such a design calls for firm, bright principal tone, flutes which sound clear and deep, harmonious reed stops, and many incisive high-pitched stops that reinforce rather than obscure the foundation tone. The tone blends well with voices and other instruments; most importantly, it excels in leading congregational singing and the accompaniment of the Anglican liturgy.
- from the St. Luke's Episcopal Church website

Kotzschmar Memorial Organ
Merrill Auditorium, City Hall
Portland, Maine

"The Kotzschmar Memorial Organ (Austin Organs opus 323) (98/V) in Merrill Auditorium, City Hall, Portland, Maine is America's first Municipal Organ. The organ is in loving care of the Friends of the Kotzschmar who present a weekly summer series of classics and pops concerts, and a fall, winter and spring series of concerts including silent films, Christmas program, Bach Birthday Bash and Organists from the World's Great Cathedrals."
- Ray Cornils
Portland Municipal Organist
(and an Oberlin grad, too!)

C.B. Fisk Opus 97
St. John's Episcopal Church
Gloucester, Massachusetts

"When Charles Fisk was asked to propose a specification for a new instrument for St. John's Episcopal Church, he was well qualified to respond. Not only did he have wide experience as an organ builder but he also had attended services at St. John's and was familiar with the church and its particular musical needs." - from the dedication in 1989
- Mark Nelson
Mus Dir, pro tem
St. John's Epicopal Church
Gloucester, Mass., USA

Rieger Organ
Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church
Washington, DC
Organ Specifications

Above are three photos of the 3-manual, 40-stop, 50-rank Rieger tracker organ at The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC, home of the Washington Bach Marathon, celebrating its silver anniversary on Sunday, March 17, 2002, with the 25th annual Bach Marathon.
- Ken Lowenberg

Casavant Pipe Organ Opus 2000
Roswell Presbyterian Church
Roswell, Georgia

"We had a really great Member's Recital this evening. It was 20th Century French played on the Cassavant at the Roswell Presbyterian Church."
- Will W. Rogers

Aeolian-Skinner Organ
St. Paul's Chapel
Columbia University
New York, NY

Located within the apse of St. Paul's Chapel is the Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ. Completed in 1938, it is one of the finest examples of American organ building in the 20th century. The console was rebuilt in 1997 by Robert Turner with America black walnut, to match the original woodwork in the choir area. The keys are 20,000 year old mastodon tusk ivory.
- Dan Long, New York, NY


Schantz Organ
First United Methodist Church
Campbell, California, USA

** Sat., Sep 22, 10am - noon
"Swann on Swann" Conversations with a Virtuoso Organist FREDERICK SWANN.
First United Methodist Church of Campbell, 1675 Winchester Blvd., Campbell, CA (near corner of Hamilton & Winchester) $10 @door. Info: (408) 378-3472

** Sun., Sep 23, 4pm
"Swann in Concert" FREDERICK SWANN, organ
First United Methodist Church of Campbell, 1675 Winchester Blvd., Campbell, CA (near corner of Hamilton & Winchester) $15 general, $10 seniors and students with ID. Info: (408) 378-3472

- Piece Heroique (Cesar Franck)
- Symphonic Chorale "Jesus, Lead the Way" (Sigfrid Karg-Elert)
- Toccata for Flutes (John Stanley)
- Fantasia and Fugue in g minor, BWV 524 (J.S. Bach)
- Introduction and Fugue on "St. Denio" (John Weaver)
- Scherzo-Cats (from the American Suite) (Jean Langlais)
- Psalm Prelude "By the Waters of Babylon" (John Huston)
- Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue (Healey Willan)
-Thomas Ingalz


Rieger Organ
Rieger Organ
Town Hall
Christchurch, New Zealand
Click here for a larger image.

The story of an organ Down Under"

by Martin Setchell (Organ Curator, Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand)
"When Christchurch opened its new Town Hall complex in 1972, it was the only city of the four main New Zealand centres (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin) to boast a modern 2500 seater concert hall. But the downside of this achievement was the absence of a pipe organ, plans for which were axed when building costs escalated beyond budget. For a quarter of a century the city had no civic organ. But in 1997, after a sustained fund raising campaign, not without its own setbacks and disappointments, the hall was eventually 'completed' by the installation of a fine pipe organ by Rieger Orgelbau of Austria...." Click here for full article at
-Jenny Setchell, Christchurch, New Zealand


Opus 35
John Brombaugh & Associates
First Presbyterian Church
Springfield, Illinois, USA

Opus 35 was completed this past June. Olivier Latry, the titular organist for Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, played a set of inaugural recitals. John Brombaugh has generously provided a series of photographs showing the organ at various stages of assembly. Click here for the slide show.
-Dan Long, New York, NY


Description of Op. 35 by John Brombaugh

More organs by Brombaugh & Associates

Pieter Flaes Organ
The German church
The Hague
The Netherlands

My organ's webpage is part of the website of the THE HAGUE ORGAN SOCIETY. Aart de Kort is our chairman and a fabulous interpretor as well as improvisor. Recently (March 2001) I visited Houston and a member of the Houston chapter of the AGO toured me around many organs in Houston. Quite interesting to see the difference between European-style organ building and USA-style organ building. The closest to my own experience was an organ made by FISK. I noticed on your website that Flentrop made a recent organ in your area. Well Flentrop is and has been in charge of my organ for all repairs since approx. 1960, and in 1984 my Pieter Flaes organ (who made it in 1870) was complete restored by Flentrop. The complete organ was taken apart and rebuilt to its original state of 1870.
- Chris Faddegon, Organist of the German Church, The Hague, The Netherlands

Fisk Organ
Fisk Organ
Finney Chapel
Oberlin College
Oberlin, OH

This is a new installation at Finney Chapel and I have not played the instrument. The previous instrument was a large Aeolian-Skinner and I'm sure many were sad to see it go. Unfortunately, due to its positioning under the procenium, it was never able to fill the space properly. Hopefully this installation will be more effective.
-Dan Long, New York, NY

Walcker Organ
Walcker Organ
St. Luke's Lutheran Church
New York, NY

This is a nice little tracker that I'm able to practice on occasionally during lunchtimes, as it is near work. Bigger than a practice organ with great wooden keys, a nice strong action, and a good solid sound.
-Dan Long, New York, NY

Flentrop Organ
Flentrop Organ
Warner Concert Hall
Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Oberlin, OH

This was the main performance organ when I was in school. The flat pedalboard and the "plucky" tracker action which varied greatly among the three manuals were my greatest challenges. No electric combination action here! For big pieces, you had to have two human stop pullers plus you to make the registration changes. A great way to get to know your classmates, whether you were pulling or playing. And from bottom to top, what a magnificent sound! As Garth Peacock, my professor at the time, used to say, "You could play on the 8' Principal all day long!"
-Dan Long, New York, NY