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March 1, 2002
Vol. II, No. 7

"And the Winner Is..."

In the end, five submissions were received for the 1st Annual "Ode to Organ Shoes" Poetry Contest and posted on The submissions were then voted on by the community and are now listed on the Organ Shoes Hall of Fame page in the order in which prizes were awarded. It was a landslide victory for David Setchell, our Grand Prize winner, with 72.3% of the votes. He will receive a gift certificate for a free pair of Organmaster Organ Shoes. Second prize goes to Ward Gianella, with 11.2% of the votes. Believe it or not, the remaining three entries — from Dorry Shaddock, Susan Burkhalter, and Joann Richardson -- received an equal number of votes for a three-way tie for Third Prize, each garnering 5.5%. How appropriate for this day and age that everyone ended up a winner; so free T-shirts all around! And because this was our first big contest, one lucky voter, Jim Gladstone, will also receive a T-shirt and a gift certificate for a free pair of Organmaster Organ Shoes. Congratulations to everyone!

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